University brings some of the most exciting, challenging, fun, terrifying, difficult and rewarding years of your life. At G2 we aim to go all out in supporting each other through the good and the bad of uni life.

Aside from all the opportunities to experience new things and meet new people, university is also a chance for you to discover more of who God is and to work out what it means to follow Him in this new stage of life.

We passionately believe that students are world changers. We love to help you grow in your gifts and potential and are dedicated in supporting students who lead at their universities, whether in societies, Student Union, sports teams, volunteering, Christian Union or anything else they are involved in.

[+] Small Groups

Our student small groups meet every week. They are completely centred around community and the Bible. Being a part of a small group gives you the opportunity to build relationships where you can explore your faith and deepen your relationship with God. They share the same FIRE DNA as the G2-wide groups of Friendship, Ignition, Reading the Bible, and Encouragement/Equipping.

[+] Student Nights

Over the course of the term we meet as a whole student group, under the name 'Gather', to hangout and explore topics such as spiritual disciplines, mental health, sex and relationships. The themes of these nights will fit into the series' covered in small groups and so join one of those to get the full G2 Student experience!

[+] Mission & Justice

We are so passionate about reaching those that don't yet know Jesus and trying to meet the needs of our campuses, city and world. We explore different ways to do this throughout the year and through our small groups.

[+] Socials

We regularly run a wide range of buzzing social events that are brilliant ways to bring your mates along to join in with G2 in a relaxed and fun environment.

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We passionately believe that students can and will change the world for the better

Student Team

To find out more, chat to Emmie (in person, social media, email or on the Student Linkup app) or search for G2 Students on Facebook and Instagram to see what we're up to.


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