Groups at G2

Over the years at G2 we have had many different approaches to small groups…

This has included home group style cells, groups centred around prayer or justice, bible studies and most recently, Hubs, groups that have taken a flexible approach and run on a termly basis. 

In Autumn 2019, we are starting a new chapter in the story of small groups at G2, centred on the desire to take the best of the previous G2 midweek experience and distil it into a new structure. We want to continue to encourage creativity and innovation, whilst emphasising the need for consistent discipleship and shared vision as a church. Welcome to G2 Groups!

Each group is led by a few people who set the vision for their own group, leaving space for creative and innovative ideas that all express the F.I.R.E. DNA and help fulfil the mission of G2 to help people discover and follow Jesus Christ. Heads up acronym fans you are very welcome to refer to them as FIRE Groups if you wish!

groups at g2 (1).png

Groups can be joined at any point throughout the year, with sign up remaining open unless groups are full - expect some of them to multiply as more people join G2 and groups grow beyond a certain number. You’ll hear us talking about these groups a lot on Sundays and at other G2 events, where we’ll be sharing stories to encourage one another.

Group sign-up is now open, with all groups starting the week commencing October 14th. Sign up below and you are welcome to send in your ideas to if you want to run your own group! Students also have their own version of these Groups, with more information and sign-up available here.