Welcome to G2.  Whether you’re exploring faith, looking for a church or just wanting to visit - you are very welcome at G2.  We are a church that loves and accepts everyone - come and join us to find out more.  Our vision is to help people discover and follow Jesus Christ and we are looking to live out this vision in everything we do as a church.

The vision of our church is to help people
discover and follow Jesus Christ

We have FiVE key aims:


Worship God +

Not limited to singing songs but the worship and prayer of our whole lives. The collective sum of what we do can be summorised as worshipping God

Build Friendships +

People aren't looking for a friendly church, they are looking for friends. Friendship is a key value of how we lead and work as a church.

Equip Leaders +

G2 is known for raising up younger leaders and helping people to discover how they can serve in the church and the local community.

Make Disciples +

We are here to help make disciples of Jesus Christ - in small groups, with friends meeting up, on Sunday, through teaching and encouragement.

Help people in Need +

Churches can be measured by how much they help others. We are learning to do our part locally and internationally to help people in need.

Wider Vision

The wider vision of G2 is support the revitalisation of the church in the North of England. We are looking for opportunities to plant new churches, to try innovative forms of mission and to support church planting in the region.

G2 is part of the Diocese of York, a family of 607 churches and 125 schools led and guided by the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu.


Strategy Team

The vision and strategy of G2 is looked after by the Strategy Team who meet together regularly to pray and think about the big picture.