As part of our mission to help people discover and follow Jesus, we have a call to release and send out leaders to different contexts beyond York.

Here are some of our mission partners …

Bayfords 2.jpg

Rosie & Stuart Bayford

Moving to Brazil to support children who live on the streets.

Rosie and Stu have had a passion for South America since Rosie spent time there on her gap year and they went as a couple in 2016.

They have been part of our church family since Rosie started at York University 8 years ago.

Miriam lives in Middlesbrough where she is sharing Jesus with her neighbours and helping local churches with student mission.

She is an ordained deacon in the Church of England and works for Fusion.

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Miriam Swaffield

An ordained deacon and evangelist in the Church of England.



Preparing and inspiring University students for a life of mission and discipleship through the local Church.

A student’s time at university is unique and special - for just a few years they live among peers and grow from young persons to adults. This is a great opportunity for students to discover Jesus for themselves and share their faith with their friends.

G2 partners with Fusion whose mission is to prepare and inspire students for a life of mission and discipleship at University through the local Church.

G2 supports James and Natasha as they seek to share the good news in South-East Europe.  Natasha came to G2 when she was a student in York, and worked as a student work intern for the church.

They are connecting with refugees and share the good news of hope through Jesus and to establish a house of prayer. 


James & Tash

Working with Arab speaking refugees in South-East Europe.


Diocese of York

G2 is part of the Diocese of York, which is led and guided by Archbishop John Sentamu.

G2 is part of the Diocese of York, a family of 607 churches and 125 schools, part of the Church of England.

The Diocese is led and guided by the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu.