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Hubs are mid-week meet-ups across the city in termly cycles. 

Hubs play a crucial role in our wider vision of community at G2. As smaller mid-week groups they are perfectly placed to form community, build friendships and have fun whilst learning together to practice doing the things Jesus did.

They are at the heart of how we can practically live out our desire as a church to help people discover and follow Jesus.



This term many of our Hubs are linking into our year of generosity by thinking about how we can be generous with our time, prayers and money.

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Hubs work in termly cycles with seasons of rest in between. At the start of each term we will announce what hubs are coming up, sign up is open for 2 weeks only so you have to choose quick! You join a hub for the 10 week cycle, then the group stops, everyone has a rest and we prepare to go again.

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