Friends of G2

Thanks for being a friend of G2. Perhaps you’re a past member of the church, or the parent of a student who is or was at G2, or a friend with an interest in what our church is doing.

We are a church with a big vision to grow and make a difference in our city and the surrounding area. One of our key aims is to raise up a multitude of leaders who are trained and equipped to make a difference, to proclaim Jesus and to start new churches.

So far we have seen five leaders from G2 get ordained, one is currently training for ordination and four more are currently exploring. Through our Sunday services and mid-week activities we are training more than ZZZ leaders.

In 2018 some of the highlights included:

  • Growing to 100 students regularly involved in the church

  • Releasing Miriam Swaffield as an ordained evangelist in Middlesbrough

  • Multiplying to two sites (G2 Burnholme and G2 City)

  • Baptising X people, and Y others coming to faith

  • Increasing how we help people in need through Sunday and mid-week

  • Running X mid-week ‘Hub’ groups and Y student ‘Square groups

Can you help us continue to grow and expand? Our vision is to start and support churches that help people discover and follow Jesus Christ.

As a growing church we are at a point that we can’t move into all the areas we feel called to explore without more resources. The giving of the church funds the costs of maintaining what we do, but in order to release more leaders, we need more resources.

How can you help? We hope you are able to make your local church the priority for your giving. But if you are in a position to support G2 then a one-off donation, or a regular monthly gift can help expand the work we do. For example,

  • £5 helps us give away 10 printed gospels

  • £10 pays for an additional hour of student work

  • £50 funds an hour of rent for a Sunday service

  • £5,000 intern

  • £15,000 costs for a new site for one year

We’re hoping that through your growing faith, you can play a part within our expanding work.
— 2 Corinthians 10:15