Sun Stand Still


Starting on Sunday 15th April at 3.45pm and 6.30pm

Joshua said to the Lord in the presence of Israel: ‘O sun, stand still over Gibeon’
— Joshua 10:12

The Israelites escaped from Egypt across the Nile and then, free from captivity, spent 40 years years wandering the wilderness and desert. Then their leader, Moses, seeing the land that God had promised them in the distance, dies. He hands over to Joshua to lead the charge into the regions that God had chosen for them to inherit. As they crossed the river and marched into the new lands they came up against enemies. The fight incredible battles and grow into a mighty army. Then they arrive at a royal city named Gibeon, who hearing how powerful Israel has become, ask for a peace treaty. Joshua saves them and grants them roles in the community.

However, hearing about all this, five kings known as the Amorites decide to join forces to attack Gibeon. Terrified the Gibeonites sent word to Joshua at his camp to help them and Joshua marches all night with his entire army, with the voice of the Lord in his ears to 'not be afraid'. Taking the five kings by surprise, the Israelites defeat them. But as they are turning away the sun starts to set, Joshua calls out to the Lord to complete the battle. To not end the day but to save the land completely. He cries: 'sun stand still over Gibeon'! And it does, it is written the 'sun stood still and the moon stopped' until the nation had won.

Joshua had unstoppable faith. His prayers were audacious. God is willing to perform the impossible for Joshua and he's willing to do it for us too. Whether you've known how to pray since Sunday school, have never done it, have forgotten how or have lost your passion for it - come join us as we explore how to lead audacious prayer lives. We'll be looking at opening the conversation with God, praying strategically and specifically, seeing ourselves transformed by prayer encounters with God, learning what to do when God speaks and when he is silent. This will all come together when we explore how to pray beyond ourselves, to see our community grow and flourish. Let's be bold in praying the impossible and seeing the sun stand still in our lives.