Week of Prayer

24th September - 1st October

On the 1st of October G2 will be moving from one service to two, as part of our vision to help more people discover and follow Jesus Christ. As we prepare to launch, join us for a week of unbroken prayer. Praying 24/7 through the week in one hour slots.

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All you need to know....

When?  -  24th September 5pm - 1st October 3pm. 

Where?  -  The House of Prayer, St Cuthbert's Church, Peasholme Green, York, YO1 7PW. We will have a G2 room upstairs in the House of Prayer but you can use the whole building during your time there. 

How?  -  Go to G2york.org/pray and book yourself in for a slot. We are going right through the night so you might want to take a tough slot and challenge yourself.  

How do I get in? - When you sign up for a prayer slot you will get emailed the door code to the building.  Ideally it will be like a relay so when you arrive the previous person will leave and the prayer space will never be empty. 

What?  -  There are no rules for what to pray about when you are there but there will be lots of things in the House of Prayer that will guide your time if you find that helpful. Just bring yourself. You can also bring things to leave there if you like so others can benefit. 

Why?  -  God has been stirring lots of us at G2 to pray together and pray more. We are an active church with lots of ideas. That's great but we also want to spend time as a community sitting with God, being present and listening to him. 

What if I'm busy?  -  The beauty of this is you can't be too busy! It goes right through the night so it might cost you some sleep, but there is always a slot you can do. 

GRIT?  -  You may be aware that GRIT (a men's event for G2) was due to be on during the Saturday. We have postponed GRIT until the 4th of November in order to fully commit to this week of prayer. But we have put 7am-9am Saturday 30th September in the prayer diary as a GRIT slot. So if you are a bloke in G2, please come and pray with the other blokes in G2 during that slot. Bacon sandwiches afterwards. And do sign up for other slots too!!

Thanks and may God bless your time together in the prayer room.