New Services from 1st October

Over the last year G2 has been growing and it's time to expand.

Earlier in the year we floated the idea of moving to two services. Since then we've chatted to a lot of people to find out what currently works well and what could be different. The result of our discussions is two new services starting from Sunday 1st October, both in the Methodist Central Hall.

The 3.45 is a service for everyone, capturing the best of what we currently do at G2 (and a few new ideas as well). G2 Kids, the créché and the youth program will carry on as usual. If you are a family with children, this is the service for you ... but this is definitely a service for everyone: children, youth, students, 20s, 30s and more.

Moving to two service gives us some space to explore a more flexible and innovative approach to church and this is what we are looking to do at the 6.30. Did you know, this is how G2 began ... as an experimental church? This new service helps us to recapture some of the flexibility of earlier years and space to dig deeper. There is no provision for children at this service, but older youth are very welcome.

Each service will develop its own style and, nearly every Sunday, we'll have the same theme at each meeting - we call this the Big Idea. Our hope for both of these services is that they will be great opportunities for all of us to invite friends and – of course – you are welcome to come to whichever service works for you.

As you might imagine we anticipate some challenges this term with teams. We have more people available to serve than we need for one service, but too few people serving for two. Over time this will settle but if you are able to serve on a team, or even do a bit more more, then do let us know.

Got questions? There is a team of four people looking after both of these new services: Christian, Hannah, Ben & Holly. If you have any questions do speak to one of us ... we'd love to chat!

G2 is on a mission to help people discover and follow Jesus Christ