Gender Roles 2017

A few years ago at G2 we noticed that the public line-up of leaders didn't match our values. We believed in the leadership and ministry of men and women, but the up-front profile of leaders was predominantly male.

We set out to change that ... and managed to in less than 12 months. Each year we have a look to see how we are doing.

Here are the stats for 2017:


Of the 52 slots at Sunday services, 27 were filled by men and 25 by women. Including 'Ignition Sunday' (when 8 new speakers give a talk) 25 different people spoke at G2.



There were 92 slots for anchors (people that lead the service). We usually have two people anchoring, 43 slots were led by men and 49 by women.


We have 5 worship leaders, 4 are men and one is a woman. All of the up-and-coming worship leaders are female, so next year this graph will look very different.


Hubs are our mid-week small groups that meet for a term. Nineteen of the leaders were men and 20 were women.



Of the 182 slots leading Sunday children's groups, 28 were led by men and 182 by women. Whilst this graph looks the same in most churches, this is the one we want to change in 2018.