G2 is planting a new Fresh Expression of Church called G2 Central.

Download the G2 Central eFlyer

Download the G2 Central eFlyer

G2 Central will meet at Central Methodist Church, St. Saviourgate, on Sunday mornings at 10.30am starting on Sunday 10th April 2016.

Meetings will begin with brunch and include a café-style service with worship and a discussion based on a Bible passage. G2 Central will use music, discussion, prayer, media, talks, Bible readings, spoken-word and food in a community environment to help people explore faith in Jesus Christ.

The vision is to help people to discover and follow Jesus Christ - to create a community for people who are not familiar with Church or who struggle to connect with existing forms of Church.


The values of G2 Central are:

Honestly Spiritual: we want to help people to engage with God in lots of different ways. 

Community: we want to build a strong community and make new friends. 

Creative: we want to be creative in how we worship God and how we run our meetings.

Accessible: anyone and everyone is welcome to join our community and everyone has something to offer.

G2 Central is led by Josh & Ellie Cockayne and a small team of volunteers. All of the team are aged under 30, live and work in York and are passionate about making Church accessible to young adults in the city.  G2 Central is a plant from G2 York and part of The Belfrey.