20s and 30s at G2

We have a large community of people in their 20s and 30s at G2.

This can be a time of change for many of us such as new jobs, routines, pressures and big decisions.  We want to support each other in living with God in the busyness of every day life.

At the heart of 20s and 30s are our cell groups: smaller weekly groups where we build community and support each other in life and following Jesus. Our community extends beyond church into including others in our lives.

We also have larger events throughout the year often looking at topics relevant to our life stage including faith in the workplace, relationships, money and family.

We meet a lot socially too (including ones of the ad-hoc variety).

To find out more, join us on Sunday, get in touch with the 20s and 30s team or find us on Facebook.